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SJT Venlo: Professional courier and rapid transport services

...dedicated vehicles to suit your needs...
Specialists in rapid transport, express delivery, and courier services


SJT-Venlo’s courier services are often a combination of rapid transport and express deliveries requiring a high degree of reliability and transport knowledge. SJT guarantees this by only using its own highly-trained, professional drivers.


SJT-Venlo’s couriers deliver consignments within Limburg (small express deliveries) as well as further afield. Rapid transport takes care of larger consignments on an international level. These are driven daily to England, Germany, and Belgium by SJT-Venlo’s couriers.

Transport professionals you can trust

Reliability and guaranteeing the safe delivery of consignments is paramount. SJT-Venlo’s corporate aim is to ensure its clients can rely on a transport solution tailored to their needs, offering professional courier services not only in the Venlo area but also on both a national and international level.


We guarantee quick reservation of the right vehicle to suit your needs. Our fleet and operational deployment of professional drivers ensure safe delivery of a wide range of goods.


Express delivery is available, as well as courier services for high-value goods, important documents, and service parts. We also offer volume transport.

Experience and availability in Venlo and beyond


For 25 years, SJT-Venlo has distinguished itself as a reliable and flexible rapid transport specialist, where a worry-free service strategy is central. Courier service in a league of its own!


SJT-Venlo are available 24 hours a day. We offer solutions for many different clients, in Limburg and the rest of the Netherlands, who need high-quality rapid transport and/or courier services for smaller express deliveries to and from European destinations.


Contact SJT-Venlo’s rapid transport team using the details below, or feel free to request a consultation.


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Call us: 
+31 77 352 32 30


Tel: +31 (0)77 352 32 30 | Mail: info@sjtvenlo.nlAddress: Het Erf 15 | NL-5975 RN Sevenum | KvK: 120 56 173

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