Specialists in time-critical freight across Europe …


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SJTVenlo sneltransport en koeriers
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Specialists in time-critical freight across Europe …
Is it CRITICAL? +31 (0)77 352 32 30 or info@sjtvenlo.nl

About SJT Venlo

The specialist in time-critial freight transports

SJT has been operating since 1999 and is the most reliable specialist for express transport across Europe. We always have the right vehicle, for every shipment, reserved and ready at any moment, 24 hours per day.


Every shipment is executed perfectly and on time anytime and anywhere.

We have an extensive fleet and have the right vehicle ready for your shipment. One phone call to

+31 (0)77 352 32 30 or an e-mail to info@sjtvenlo.nl is all it takes to set your shipment in motion.

Download the (Dutch) brochure by TomTom about the collaboration with SJT Venlo Sneltransport.

Opel Astra Station
500 kg
1 m3
Losse dozen
VW Caddy
600 kg
1,5 m3
Max. 1 pallet
1.000 kg
ca. 5 m3
Max. 2 pallets
MB Sprinter
1.500 kg
ca. 9 m3
Max 4 euro- of 3 blokpallets
VW Bakauto
750 kg
ca. 17 m3
Max 7 euro- of 6 blokpallets
7,5-ton truck
1.900 kg
ca. 34 m3
Max 14 euro- of 11 blokpallets
19-ton truck
10.000 kg
ca. 45 m3
Max 18 euro- of 14 blokpallets
Truck & Trailer
24.000 kg
ca. 110 m3
max. 37 euro- of 28 blokpallets

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Tel: +31 (0)77 352 32 30 | Mail: info@sjtvenlo.nlAddress: Het Erf 15 | NL-5975 RN Sevenum | KvK: 120 56 173

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