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The SJT Venlo customers & industries

The industries in which we operate:

SJT Venlo is a specialist in national and international express transport of goods in all sizes, shapes and dimensions. Also SJT Venlo is the ideal partner for logistics companies that want to make use of the flexibility and reliability of a transport specialist who knows his way around the transport sector.


See which industries and clients we work and added value are:

and many more...

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Transport companies

We get called in when a transport company does not have the right vehicle available. SJT Venlo is situated at a strategic logistics location, so we get orders from transport companies across the country because we can be there quicker or at lower cost.


This might be an incidental return trip with a truck for distribution networks in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, or an emergency shipment from or to their warehouse for a customer anywhere in Europe. Acting quickly is a must.

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Logistics service providers

We operate for logistics service providers serving customers in their warehouse and needing transport. These are often urgent trips or loads that need special attention. Among other things, these might be high-value or vulnerable goods or shipments with a high commercial value. 

For projects that often need extra capacity or expertise, too, we have the right fleet and knowhow in-house. 

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Elektronic components

For a well-known multinational with its European distribution centre in the Venlo region, we carry their products every day to destinations across Europe. We have fixed routes in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.  There are two reasons why they call us in: some shipments are ordered at the last moment and need to be delivered the next day. What’s more, they often need to be delivered in a predefined time slot. That cannot be done with normal transport, so we drive direct to the destination for them.


The goods are highly damage-sensitive. We load at their location and drive straight to the customer, without reloading or unnecessary stops. They know that if we are handling their shipment the freight is in good hands

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Interior builders

For various interior builders (incl. furnishing fashion stores and deliveries to government institutions) we load with trucks on day A and deliver on day B at a predefined location and time. Our drivers are available to help with unloading the goods.


Given the risk of damage during transport and loading/unloading, it is essential to have experience in carrying this type of goods.

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The commercial interests in the stand-building sector are high. A handmade piece of décor simply has to arrive at the exhibition on time and undamaged. That’s why many stand-builders have us carry their shipments.


SJT has an extensive fleet and many of our trucks can be loaded from the side and are equipped with a tail-lift. We drive every month to exhibitions in Scandinavia, the UK, Italy or wherever else in Europe. Vehicles are often loaded and unloaded by our experienced drivers together with the customer.

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For several machine-builders we ship their products to customers in the region almost every day. We also collect products that they themselves need for their production process. Some have no or only limited transport possibilities of their own.


SJT helps these customers by fulfilling their transport needs with an accurate transport planning and execution.

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We drive for several customers operating in the automotive industry. Among others, these are companies that produce car components and accessories. Injection-moulding operations also come under this group.

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For this customer specialised in climate-control, we carry emergency shipments with vans or transit vans. They have often sold a project there and their engineers are on site to install it. If they need parts immediately, we provide the transport.

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Repair and overhaul of motors 

We handle a lot of European shipments for a turbine manufacturer. They repair and overhaul motors for power stations and the aircraft industry. We collect items and deliver them on site. This concerns urgent shipments of their delicate and vulnerable goods. The commercial aspects here are really important.

These projects are about major interests and high investments. Transport costs are merely a fraction of the total spend. Delivery reliability and flexibility are the most important aspect.

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Wholesale is familiar territory for us. We drive, among others, for wholesalers in food supplements, fruit & vegetables, electronics and the fashion sector. For a wholesaler in installation materials we operate a daily route with a box van to about 30 addresses in their region.

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SME companies

Many small & medium sized enterprise occasionally have a shipment for which their regular transport company cannot offer the ideal solution. The keywords are usually: urgent, so quick delivery and/or reliability, making sure it’s there.


There can be many arguments for calling us in: commercial reasons, highly important shipment, high-value shipment, fragile goods etc.

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Important documents/files

It often happens that files, dossiers and important documents have to be delivered with high urgency. We are regularly called on by notaries, legal firms and various institutions that need certain documents delivered to the destination.


With us those documents are in good hands and we deliver them quickly and securely to the person who needs them.

As you will have read, SJT is also interesting for predefined routes and continues outsourcing. Contact SJT for more information.
Most of our customers are situated in the Netherlands, but we also have customers in the UK, Germany and Belgium.


Tel: +31 (0)77 352 32 30 | Mail: info@sjtvenlo.nlAddress: Het Erf 15 | NL-5975 RN Sevenum | KvK: 120 56 173

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